"Very impressive piece. To be completely honest I have never seen anything quite like this. Combination of comix and animation makes “A Space Tale” truly noteworthy and interesting piece of work."
- Petr Kocourek [AninetFest]

A Space Tale

A Space Tale is an animated graphic novel that merges the dynamics of comic books with the magic of animation. It follows the journey of a spaceman trying desperately to escape from a barren alien planet while being chased by a dreadful creature that will stop at nothing to find him. Ultimately, it is a story about the consequences of our decisions - with laser guns!

The project was developed as a final graduation piece for the MA Animation at UAL: London College of Communication, in late 2016.

The Author

Rafael Aflalo is a Brazilian graphic designer and animator living in London. His projects are often characterized by a less than usual approach, both in medium and message. You can learn more about his work here.

The Team

Created and Directed by
Rafael Aflalo

Written by
Rafael Aflalo
Stephen Deas

Animated by
Rafael Aflalo
Tom Denney
Luana Goes
Adam Shearwood

Background Designs by
Nadia Dalgaard-Bojsen
Isobel Lester

Website Developer
Rafael Lohn/Partisan

Original Soundtrack (Trailer)
Moritz Wanger

Sound Design (Trailer)
Adam Woollacott

Special Thanks to
Kim Noce
University of the Arts London

What the Media is saying

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Layer Lemonade (PT)